May 302016

American_Flag_-_Half_StaffBackground:  This is part of the Brown line that originated in Maryland and Pennsylvania. This family has ties to the Webster’s and Harlan’s of Lancaster County. 

This family line has many branches that continued their journey West, some as far as California.

The soldiers mentioned in this post are not the only family members who served, nor are they the only family members who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  I will continue to recognize and post about the heroes in my family, as information becomes available and time permits.

Sgt. Webster, Capt. Howard, Pvt. Francis Fell, Sgt. Wilmer and Capt. Albert Webster Brown

The names listed above are five brothers who stepped forward and served their country during the Civil War, of these five only Albert would live to old age.  This post is dedicated to their memory and to their sacrifices. Continue reading »

May 282016

John Quincy Holladay and Ann Hays

Map of Idaho, Washington and Oregon 1889

Map of Idaho, Washington and Oregon 1889

John Quincy Holladay

John Quincy Holladay was born in Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois on March 30, 1847, to John Skirvin and Catherine (Fugate) Holladay.  His father John Skirvin Holladay was born in Gallatin County Kentucky and his mother Catherine (Fugate) Holladay was born in Russell County Virginia.  Most of the genealogy researchers list John as being born with the name John Quincy Adams Holladay, since there were no birth certificates issued in Illinois, at the time of his birth, there is no way of proving, or disproving his birth name.  However, John signed his name as John Q. Holladay and I have found nothing where he used John Q. A. Holladay during his lifetime.

Ann Hays

Ann Hays was born in Ohio on December 16, 1846 to Daniel and Eliza (Parks) Hays.  The 1850 census, enumerated on October 3rd, shows the family had relocated to McDonough County.  Her father Daniel Hays was born in Ohio, probably Paint Township, Ross County. Ann’s mother, Eliza (Parks) Hays was also born in Ohio. Continue reading »

May 152016

James William Brown and Martha Jane Carper

A bit of background on the Brown lines.  There are two different Brown lines in my family and both have ties to the Clearwater Valley.  In an attempt to avoid confusion I will categorize this and future posts as either West Virginia Brown, or Pennsylvania Brown.  James William and Martha Jane (Carper) Brown are part of the West Virginia Brown line.

The Twice-Weekly Spokesman Review - December 9, 1910 l-r: Martha J. (Carper) Brown, Guy O. Brown, Donald Brown, Samuel L. Brown

The Twice-Weekly Spokesman Review – December 9, 1910
l-r: Martha J. (Carper) Brown, Guy O. Brown, Donald Brown, Samuel L. Brown

James William Brown

James William Brown was born in Eastern Virginia in 1828, it is not known who his parents were and there is conflicting information as to his birth date.  His headstone reads 1828 and census records state several different ages.  It is impossible to know for sure where and when J. William was born, birth certificates didn’t exist at the time of his birth, for Virginia.

Martha Jane Carper

Martha Jane Carper was born September 21, 1834 in Washington County, Maryland to Samuel and Margaret “Peggy” (Hite) Carper. Martha was the great-granddaughter of  Frederick Carper, who served in the Revolutionary War (DAR Ancestor # A019557).


James William Brown and Martha Jane Carper were married on October 23, 1849, in Berkeley County Virginia, which is now West Virginia.  The service was performed by a minister by the name of W. Love.  One of the marriage records shows James William Brown and the other simply states William Brown. Continue reading »

May 072016

Cavendish-Teakean Pioneers

L-R: Chris Frederiksen, Frank Carey Jr., Swen Frederiksen Front: Unknown young man with dog

L-R: Chris Frederiksen, Frank Carey Jr., Swen Frederiksen
Front: Unknown young man with dog

When Frederik Georg “George” and Boline Jørgine “Jørgine”  (Olsen) Frederiksen answered Johan “John” Olsen’s request to come to the United States, in 1909, and take over the aging man’s homestead, in North Central Idaho, little did they know of the joys and tragedies that would befall them in the new world.

Jørgine would die in childbirth, in 1916, leaving George a single parent of three. Their only surviving daughter Ane, would be taken by a brain tumor, in 1919. The two surviving sons Christian “Chris” Anker and Svend “Swen” Aage were left to make their mark in the community and carry on the Frederiksen legacy on this side of the pond.

Upon their arrival George and Jørgine became part of the community and were befriended by the Carey family. Frank H. and Julia (Wells) Carey, were homesteaders with a young family. The Frederiksen and Carey children would form a bond that would last for generations. Frank and Julia’s oldest son was Frank L. Carey, then known as Frankie.

Frankie was closest in age to Chris but all three boys were fast friends. The boys would engage in childhood mischief together, grow into adulthood together and would remain close the rest of their lives; particularly Frankie and Swen.

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