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The Old German Baptist Brethren are historically known as German Baptists in contrast to English Baptists, who have different roots. Other names by which they are sometimes identified are Dunkers, Dunkards, Tunkers, and Täufer, all relating to their practice of baptism by immersion. Originally known as Neu-Täufer (new Baptists), in America they used the name “German Baptist” and officially adopted the title “German Baptist Brethren” at their Annual Meeting in 1871. From their formation in 1881 and until the early 1900s the Old German Baptist Brethren were often referred to as “Old Order German Baptist Brethren”.

Following is a post about a very special person, who is a big part of my childhood memories of ‘The Hill.’   Olive (Herring) Preussler is not a blood relation to my family but I called her Grandma.  I don’t know how many of the other kids …

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A special thanks to Dennis Roth, for providing all of his information regarding the burials at Teakean Cemetery and taking the time to provide insight, direction and avenues of research.  Without his help and the help of others, I would not …

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