Cavendish-Teakean Pioneers

A website dedicated to the individuals and their families who settled and thrived in wilds of North Central Idaho, in a place called Cavendish-Teakean.

This project began several years ago as a way to document the families that settled in Cavendish and Teakean Idaho.  Cavendish and Teakean were separate communities at one point.  The names have since been hyphenated to encompass the area, some of the ‘old timers’ believe it should be Teakean-Cavendish, instead of Cavendish-Teakean.  I grew calling the area “up on the hill” and still think of it in those terms, I personally do not have a preference as to which community has the lead position.  However, I do wish for both communities to be recognized and the settlers to be remembered, for their individual contributions to making it a beautiful and wonderful place to call home.